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Simplify Creating, Managing & Selling Events

Grow Your Online Event Management Business with Eventin.

Increase Customer Loyalty with CRM

Flexible Schedules to Streamline Events

Confirm Attendees with Actionable QR Code

In-Depth Sales and Attendee Analytics

Host Virtual Meetings & Webinars

Create Memorable Events with Eventin’s Complete Set of Features

Multivendor Event Marketplace

Convert your event management website into a multivendor event and ticket selling marketplace by Eventin with Dokan.

Actionable QR Code for Attendees

Create unique QR codes for guests who buy tickets and scan these QR codes at the event entrance to easily manage guests.

Maintain Recurring Events

Create repeated events for daily, weekly, monthly and annually with additional options for each till the specified period.

Event Calendar View

Display events with daily, weekly, monthly and annual views with Event Calendar to help attendees register for multiple events.

Simplified Schedule Management

Plan events by creating multiple custom schedules and repeat it for multiple events by adding them under one or multiple speakers.

Showcase Speakers/Organizers

Dedicate a single page for speakers and organizers to share their name, short bio, social media links, company url and more.

Unlimited Single/Multiple Events

Create an event with a single starting and ending date or add multiple events with multiple starting and ending dates.

Multi-tier Ticket Pricing

Create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets.

Unique Attendee Management

Give attendees unique ticket IDs and track their attendance for individual events by filtering their data from the admin dashboard.

Detailed Analytics Report

Track event guests with unique attendee tickets for each event attendee and view total ticket sales at a glance.

Custom Field for Attendee Form

Get full control over the registration form by creating custom registration forms for attendees with unlimited extra fields.

WooCommerce Payment System

Allow users to pay through WooCommerce-supported payment gateways to purchase event tickets.

Groundhogg & FluentCRM Integration

Maintain customer relationships using Grounghogg and FluentCRM to automate your marketing campaigns that save time.

Event Venue with Google Maps

When creating an event, add and display your event venue on Google Maps. Make it easier for guests to find your event location.

Purchased Event Details on User’s Dashboard

Show event details with an overview of the user’s panel. All of the purchased event details are now available on the user’s dashboard.

WooCommerce Coupon for Events

Creates multiple types of coupons like percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or fixed product discounts that apply to your events.

Stripe Payment System

Eventin supports the Stripe payment system. So users can pay with Stripe to buy their event tickets.

DIVI Builder Addon

Use Divi to create the perfect event management website

Front-End Event Management

The feature allows authorized users in different roles to create and manage events from the front end of your website.

PDF Certificate Builder

Users can design and issue PDF certificates for the event attendees. They can send the certificate with a single click.

BuddyBoss Integration (2nd Phase)

BuddyBoss group members can create and publish an event, and sell tickets from the front end according to the permissions.

Eventin Bricks Addon (1st Phase)

Create and manage your events and sell tickets with Bricks Builder

API / Incoming Webhook

Users can pull real-time data with Eventin’s webhook. And use it to connect Eventin with any relevant application.

RSVP (Live)

It helps admin getting advance response of any events and take necessary action to make the events even more profitable.

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Plugin Features

Multiple Event Templates

Recurring Events

(Paid Addon $39)

CRM Integration

(Paid Addon $19)

QR Scanner

Analytics Report

Multiple/Variation Tickets

(Paid Addon $99)

(Paid Addon $124)

(Paid Addon $39)

Multivendor Marketplace


Google Calendar


Extra Service / Product Addons


Importing Events Data

Yahoo Calendar

Outlook Calendar

PDF Certificate Builder

Zoom Meeting & Webinar Integration

(Paid Addon $35)

(Paid Addon $39)

Google Maps

(Paid Addon $39)

Speaker/Organizer Single Page Listing

(Paid Addon $99+)

Customizable Attendee Registration Form

(Paid Addon $89)

(Paid Addon $39+)

Mobile App

Admin Track and Modify Attendee Tickets

(Paid Addon $89)

(Paid Addon $39+)

Elementor Widgets

Pabbly & Zapier

Twilio SMS

Stripe Payment Getaway

Importing Calendar Data

Front-end Event Submission

WooCommerce coupon

Invoice Printing Options

(Paid Addon $89)

(Paid Addon $124)

Event Calendar View

(Paid Addon $39)

Sidebar calendar widget

Pre-made Template

Event Countdown Timer

Event FAQ

User Role & Permission

WooCommerce Payment System

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Very happy with the plugin and with the support. I received help instantly and the problems were resolved immediately.

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Just started testing this plugin for a client and works really well. I contacted support for a quick question and they solved it pretty fast. Thanks! Recommended.

afifa2k wordpress.org

Plugin is great and the support is outstanding. Great experience. Highly recommend.

nimmalareddy wordpress.org

Elegant styling and all the needed features for an event plugin. Support is timely. They even have a zoom meeting scheduling right from WP dashboard.

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Just what I needed! All in one solution. Super fast support too! Highly Recommended - WP Eventin

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Frequently Asked Question

You can Show/Hide Event options like time , location , seats from Eventin=>Settings=>Details.

You can change speaker and event slug , date-time foramt , ticket price label and others general settings
from Eventin=>Settings=>General. After changing slug , refresh permalink to get change.

You have to give valid connection details in Eventin=>Settings=>User data. After fill up “Api key”, “Secret key”
enter “Save changes” and then check connection. After successful connection navigate to Eventin=>Zoom to create
a meeting.(Note: You must have successful connection to zoom api).You will get meeting id from zoom. Place your meeting id to shortcode (For instance:

Invalid access token.

You can also create meeting and display from elementor widget.

You need to speaker , schedule to create an event .
1. Go to Eventin=>Speakers to create speaker . You can create speaker categories from Eventin=>Speaker categories.,
2. Go to Eventin=>schedules to create Schedule and assign schedule to the speaker.
3. Finally create event from Eventin=>Events with schedules , speakers , ticket information and others options.
You can display event , speaker , schedule either shortcode or elementor widget. Event has single page details.
4. You can also classify events in categories . To create event categories go to Eventin=>categories.

If you want to translate in a single language then you can use the Loco Translate plugin. For multi-language translation, you can use the WPML translator plugin. Simply install the plugin and activate it. After that, please complete the basic settings and you are good to go.

For “Loco Translate”, you can check this video tutorial and documentation. Also, for the WPML multi-language translation, here is the video and documentation link.

If you buy the plugin from CodeCanyon then you do not need license key activation. Just use the Envato Marketplace plugin to get regular updates. If you buy the plugin from Themewinter website then follow our documentation here for activating the PRO license.

If you want to host an event without selling tickets, you can arrange it with Eventin. Woocommerce is not mandatory in this scenario. In that case, simply skip enabling the “Sell on Woocommerce” option. On the other hand, you can enable selling tickets and put the event ticket price as zero(0), then it will act as a free event and your customers don’t have to pay for that event. In this way, you can skip the price of the tickets.

You can add a custom field with Eventin PRO. Please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Eventin. Then move to the settings submenu and then attendee. You will find the custom field options with the label “Extra field”. Solution key wp-admin -> Eventin -> Settings -> Attendee (Tab) -> Extra field.

You can get a 404 Not Found error for many reasons in WordPress. However, the most common reason for the 404 error is page permalink. In order to solve the permalink error, please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on settings. Then from permalink, select “ Post name” as permalink structure and save the settings. Solution key wp-admin -> settings -> permalink -> Post name -> Save Changes.

Eventin is already compatible with popular plugins and themes. However, if you still get any conflict or are not showing the event details page properly, please open a support ticket here and our team is ready to solve the problem. If you see any other related error, use the same link for support.

In order to change the date format, please login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Eventin. From the submenu click on settings and scroll down a little. You will get the date format option. Select “Date Format” from the dropdown and save the settings. Solution key wp-admin -> Eventin -> Settings -> Select Time Format -> Save Changes.

Yes. It’s possible to show upcoming and expire events with Elementor widgets. Edit the page with Elementor and then select the widgets from “EVENTIN EVENT”. You will see the options to set both upcoming and expire events. You can also set both (all) for the page.

Yes, QR code feature is now available in Eventin. Here is the Doc

Yes. Eventin supports different page builders like DIVI builder, Visual Composer and Elementor page builder. You can use a shortcode for DIVI builder and Visual Composer. And the plugin has 15+ dedicated widgets for the Elementor page builder. Most of the widgets are FREE to use. However, Eventin PRO will be required for a few specific widgets.

Yes! In Eventin, different ticket prices for a single event feature are available now. Here is the documentation of Eventin ticketing.

Yes, Eventin supports recurring event features. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, and other combinational recurring events in Eventin. Here is the documentation link for recurring events.

To change your shop currency settings go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options and select your desired currency from the Currency drop down.

  • Currency – Choose the currency the store will be priced in.
  • Currency Position – Choose whether the currency symbol is placed to the left or right of the price.
  • Thousand Separator – Choose the character to use for the thousand separator.
  • Decimal Separator – Choose the character to use for the decimal separator.
  • Number of Decimals – Choose the number of digits to appear after the decimal separator.

Change Log

Fix     : Event timezone fix
Fix     : Recurring event price issue
Fix     : Order again button pricing issue
Fix     : Gutenberg header footer compatibility
Fix   	: Gutenberg header footer compatibility
Fix     : Decimal operator issue fixed
Fix     : Related post waring issue fixed 
Fix     : HTTP API Calls issue fixed 
fix	: Timezone issue in date-time details in cart, checkout & invoice 
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 support
Fix   : Filter sanitize issue resolved
New   : Archive event page sorting ASC/DESC option addition
New   : Event calendar WPML support
Fix   : Show only selected category listed events on the calendar
Tweak : disable 'Undo' option after removing item from cart
Tweak : Improved PHP 8 support
Fix   : Filter sanitize issue resolved
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update 
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update 
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update 
Tweak : Admin Settings UX update 
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update 
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update 
Fix: The seat plan module activation issue has been resolved.
Fix: The issue with single event social link icons showing doubtfully has been resolved.
Fix: After adding a new attendee from a manual attendee, the deprecation issues have been fixed.
Tweak: The Stripe payment method has been updated with 3D Secure support.
Fix: The issue with the event expiry time not working has been resolved.
Fix: The issue with Ticket Template 2 not showing the "Seat" properties has been fixed.
Fix: The issue with the extra input field in the seat map has been resolved.
Fix: After adding a new attendee from a manual attendee, the deprecation issues have been fixed.
Fix: The issue with single event social link icons showing doubtfully has been resolved.
Fix: The issue with the event certificate not downloading on the Safari browser has been fixed.
Fix: The issue where one vendor can scan another vendor's ticket has been fixed.
Tweak   : Eventin onboarding system optimized
Tweak   : PHP script optimization
* Added : Import Facebook events and show using shortcode
* Fix   : Attendee information edit issue fixed.
* Fix   : The location list pro widget issue is fixed.
* Fix   : Min Qty not working correctly fixed.
* Fix   : Attendee search filter issue fixed. 
* Added : Media support enabled for the purchase email body. 
* Tweak : Event certificate sends attendee-wise. 
* Fix   : BuddyBoss Events feed issue fixed
* Fix   : WP Media script loading optimized/pre>                        
New   : Apple Pay and Google Pay payment support using the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
Tweak : Option given for the custom amount of related events showing in the event single page.
Fix   : Event location is not showing on the event single page issue fixed. 
Fix   : Non-Latin language to PDF ticket generation issue fixed.
Fix : Bulk attendee registration issue fixed
Fix : Attendee registration custom field "required fields" not working issue fixed.
Fix : Virtual event checkbox and Ticket variation button are not showing in the Frontend issue fixed. 
Fix : Non-Latin language to PDF ticket generation issue fixed.
Fix : Typo fix in the RSVP form
* Fix: Event total revenue not working issue
* Fix: Event revenue count fix
Tweak   : Event ticket count updated in ticket purchase system
Tweak   : Speaker details allowed formatted descriptions 
Tweak   : Disable ticket scanner text updated
Fix     : Ticket filtering by used/unused 
Fix     : Unrecognizable recurring event in RSVP invitation
Fix     : Schedule time format fix 
Fix     : Dokan vendor event ticket limit , min and max quantity fix
* Tweak: Event name and attendee name added in ticket scanner 
* Tweak: Virtual product option added in the frontend 

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